Friday, 09 August 2019 / Published in News, PA

Pearl Abyss, the acclaimed developer of Black Desert Online, today announced its financial earnings for the most recent quarter. Since the document is all in Korean, I will talk about the important numbers such as Q2 2019 having the company’s best performing quarter in terms of sales, and a mega 266% rise in net profits compared to the previous quarter. Yes, Pearl Abyss is making tons of money. Overall, the overseas market (outside of South Korea) makes up for 74% of sales. A sound strategy to focus on us overseas gamers!


As with each quarterly financial call, companies will talk about their upcoming projects, and that is the case as well with Pearl Abyss. Here, I will break down each of their new games and talk briefly about them:

Project CD – A new “AAA” RPG title not based on the Black Desert IP targeting the global audience. It will be based on the experiences and insights which Pearl Abyss has obtained through developing Black Desert. Project CD is the main reason why Pearl Abyss decided to build a new next-generation engine for all its other new projects. While the main platform is console, Pearl Abyss is looking at a simultaneous cross-platform launch with PC, mobile, and streaming services. No word on a schedule yet, so stay tuned for more on this one!

Shadow Arena – I am not sure why this is mentioned as a separate game, since it is a battle royale game mode in Black Desert Online. Apparently it is a spin-off game based on the Black Desert IP. We shall see if this is officially announced soon, or my sources are having too much makgeolli…

Project K and Project V – Not much was mentioned except that Project K is a “casual” shooting game and Project V(Now known as DokeV) is a family friendly mmorpg developed using the new engine.


Source: MMOCulture