Official/Devs Pearl Abyss says DokeV planned release is 2022


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Nov 16, 2019
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Bit late with posting this, but this is an interview from May 14th 2020 on a korean website 'newsis'.

In the interview it says this line:

Developing with the goal of launching 'DokeV' in 2022 and 'Plan 8' in 2023, "It is
inevitable to change the release schedule of new games due to COVID-19."
Their first focus is Red Desert then DokeV and Plan 8 later on.

Pearl Abyss plans to release 'Crimson Desert' in the fourth quarter of 2021, 'DokeV' in 2022 and 'Plan 8' in 2023.

Jung Kyung-in, CEO of Pearl Abyss, stated at a conference call for the first quarter of 2020 that "The existing plan was to participate in the world's largest game show, E3, in June this year to raise expectations for the new games, and conduct tests of Crimson Desert and DokeV during this year."

It also planned to release games sequentially starting from the second half of next year. However, we believe that it will be inevitable to change the schedule due to changes in the external and internal environment.

As for the public schedule, we are reviewing various ways as the Coronavirus expands around the world and the E3 event is canceled.

"The three projects, 'Crimson Desert', 'DokeV' and 'Plan 8', are steadily developing according to internal milestones, Jung said. "We will try to introduce new works that can meet the expectations of users around the world."

You can translate and read the full article over here: Pearl Abyss "Released'Red Desert' in the fourth quarter of next year...DokeV and Plan 8 under development"

What are your thoughts on this? Are you still waiting to play this awesome collectible social mmo?