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      Hello everyone!~

      DokeV.Club had a nasty attack and was hit with several database corruptions. So I had to redo most of the website, now with extra backups and additional security.
      Migrated all the news articles from old database, but I had to let go of the Invision Power Forums and all the account data, as it was compromised, everything was encrypted/hashed, so no data breach hopefully.

      New functions in addition to the rebuild:
      • Quests (That let you earn Dokebi Chips, which will be used for future unlocks)
      • Achievements / Rank system
      • New built-in community feed
      • New forums/board

      As more information will come out from the developers, I will be updating all the data pieces on the website, the navigation will get filled up by time. Please be patient.
      Meanwhile you can share your ideas and use the website as is, be a part of the club!
      Thank you everyone for their support, hope you enjoy your time being here.

      P.s.: Premium subscription is still in the works, I’ll be giving you all an option to help fund website costs for community rewards and ad-free browsing. (The website is ad-free at the moment, while it is being built)

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