An armadillo type dokebi

Dokebi are creatures in DokeV that grow and gain power from people’s dreams. They are invisible, but can be seen with the aid of special glasses. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, resembling animals, plants, or inanimate objects. Player characters can collect Dokebi, storing them in small multicolored chips and summoning them in battle.

Details are scarce at this time, but it is believed that players will be able to level up their dokebi and customize them with a variety of clothing and weapons.

Dokebi seen in the reveal trailer include…

  • A panda-like dokebi with red boxing gloves
  • A yellow armadillo with a bandana and a tuft of pineapple leaves on its head
  • A small white wolf wearing a crown, t-shirt, and cape
  • A yellow inflatable duck with a valve on his head and two fish in holsters
  • A rollerskating rabbit
  • A candy-man knight
  • A partly peeled banana with swim trunks and sunglasses
  • A red bull with boxing gloves
  • A large pink anteater wearing a bib
  • A yellow-green chameleon