DokeV got an Announcement Trailer: Details about the game revealed

Today on November 13th, Pearl Abyss held its 2019 G-Star Connect conference and showcased DokeV along with other new projects.

DokeV (previously known as ‘Project V’) is officially announced! It seems like the company is aiming for a global release, with the official site being in english and korean languages.

What exactly is DokeV?
DokeV is an upcoming creature-collecting open world MMO filled with intriguing stories and set within a unique, vibrant world. The creatures you collect in the world of DokeV are called Dokebi. It is a fully fledged MMO with many players and activities in a huge open world.

The game runs on Pearl Abyss’ own proprietary game engine. A similiar engine was used for Black Desert Online, a popular mmorpg, DokeV will feature a next-gen iteration of the same engine.

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Here is the Official trailer showing in-game footage:

If you’ve missed the stream, you can watch it here: