Frequently Asked Questions Collection

When will DokeV release or have a beta test?

We do not know about upcoming betas yet, but the game is scheduled to be released in 2023, currently main focus of PA is around 'Crimson Desert' so you can expect DokeV likely in 2025.

What is the Business model? Free-to-Play or Buy-to-Play?

Pricing has not yet been announced. Pearl Abyss' has entered the market with Black Desert Online as a Buy-to-Play title in Western markets. In Korea it started as F2P.

The game is no longer labeled as ‘MMO’, does this mean it’s going to be singleplayer then?

DokeV is an online action adventure title, the game will have both singleplayer and co-op/multiplayer adventures alongside the huge open world. No Player-versus-Player combat shown yet from the promotional videos, but they are planning some kind of Competitive Mode.

What platforms will DokeV be available on?

To show the game’s beautiful world, the company focuses on PC and Consoles. No announcement on which consoles exactly, but as DokeV is considered a next-gen title, one can guess that it will be on Playstation and Xbox for sure. Mobile market is not focused(Just to clear up some older theories).

Will DokeV support cross platform?

No official word on it yet.