Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Work in progress. This FAQ will be filled up with questions that come up around the community as time goes.

  • When will DokeV release or have a beta test?
    • We do not know about upcoming betas yet, but the game is scheduled to be released in 2022.
  • What is the Business model? Free-to-Play or Buy-to-Play?
    • Pricing has not yet been announced.
  • The game is no longer labeled as ‘MMO’, does this mean it’s going to be singleplayer then?
    • DokeV is still a multiplayer online action adventure title, the game will have both singleplayer and co-op adventures alongside the huge open world. No Player-versus-Player combat shown yet from the promotional videos.
  • What platforms will DokeV be available on?
    • To show the game’s beautiful world, the company focuses on PC and Consoles. Mobile is not a priority.
  • Will DokeV support cross platform?
    • No official word on it yet.