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New DokeV Interview from Gamewave

Well known in the video game industry, the Korean studio Pearl Abyss released Black Desert, announced DokeV in November 2019. The game has already generated interest among fans of the genre, but the gamescom 2021 presentation made a very strong impression, leaving most of the community on hold.

The already known members of the development team – Sangyeon Kim and Chunky Nam – took part in this fresh interview.

Sangyeong Kim is the animation and motion capture director for all Pearl Abyss games. He also leads the development of DokeV and is its lead producer.

Chunky Nam is a game designer who develops the combat system and the main gameplay of the game.

After debuting at Gamescon 2021 with a colorful and mind-blowing trailer, an impatient community awaits the game. While we still don’t know when the game will be released to the public, we have the opportunity to meet with the developers at Pearl Abyss to learn a little more about their developing project.Why is DokeV no longer an MMORPG?

Sangyeong Kim: We’ve made the decision to change the DokeV genre from an MMO to an open world adventure and creature collecting game. We thought about the concept of our game and decided that it would be easier to achieve our ideas through an open world adventure game. DokeV will now take place in a large open world, allowing you to play different styles of play.

Do you plan to have multiplayer or co-op modes in the game?

Chunky Nam: DokeV is a very flexible game offering an open play style. In the main storyline, a single-player mode will be available, and players will be offered variations of a multiplayer game for joint development. If the player wishes and decides, he can fight monsters and bosses in cooperative mode together with other players.

How many Dokebi can be collected at the start?

Chunky Nam: So far, we’ve featured several Dokebi in various trailers released in 2019, as well as during the Gamescom Live opening ceremony this year. We wish to create many unique Dokebi and hope that we can create as many of them as possible. Expect more information on this topic soon.

What were your inspirations for creating the game?

Chunky Nam: We had a lot of different ideas for the Dokebi lore. You may have noticed in one of our trailers Dokebi looking like an anteater. In fact, it is an anteater that took the form of the Pulgasari (in late Korean mythology, the legendary animal with the body of a bear, the trunk of an elephant, the eyes of a buffalo, the tail of a cow and the paws of a tiger; feeds on iron and expels obsessions and nightmares from people, which feeds on iron).

Another Dokebi shown in the video has the features of a bird wearing a traditional Korean hat and is inspired by a dark spirit from ancient Asian legends.

But not all of our Dokebi are created using this method. Some of the already invented Dokebi were created freely, mixing all the ideas that came to mind. For example, in DokeV folklore there is a story about the transformation of a broom, but there is also a Dokebi that has the ability to reflect objects in the real world.

Therefore, our Dokebi do not necessarily come from Korean myths and legends, and we plan to draw inspiration from cultures around the world.

Can you tell us more about Dokebi?

Chunky Nam: We are still testing many items and types for Dokebi right now. However, each Dokebi will indeed have their own unique skills that will help the player in the various battles that await them along the way. Of course, some Dokebi will have advantages over some opponents.

Will there be an opportunity to participate in beta testing?

Sangyeong Kim: We are still working hard on the development of the game at the moment, and it is relatively difficult to tell you if a beta version will be released anytime soon. But rest assured, we are doing our best to create a great video game.

What else to expect in the game besides collecting Dokebi?

Sangyeong Kim: As you might expect, collecting Dokebi will be one of the most important parts of the game.

However, this collection is just the tip of the iceberg, and players will be able to enjoy many other activities, adventures, stories and interactions with other players in the fairy-tale world of DokeV.

Since it is an open world, you will be free to go wherever you go. You can enjoy a wide variety of adventures while freely exploring the world around you with your friends. These journeys will allow you to discover new Dokebi, as well as meet different people who will tell you their stories and ask you for help in solving their problems.

In addition, the world is full of various mini-games, including various puzzles, interactions, and activities such as fishing and flying a kite.

Will we be able to compete and interact with other players?

Chunky Nam: There will be PvP elements in the game. For these competitive elements, we came up with the idea of ​​friendly competition that rewards personal skill. We’ll be back shortly with more information on this.

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