News - August 6, 2021

New information regarding DokeV might come at Gamescom 2021 this month

It is reported that South Korean game companies PearlAbyss and GAMEVIL Com2uS will participate in the Cologne Game Show (Gamescom 2021). The Cologne Game Show will only be held online. Among them, the developer conference will be held on August 23, the Cologne eve live broadcast will be held on the 25th, and the exhibition will be held on the 26th and 27th.

However, neither company has disclosed which games will be revealed at the Cologne Game Show. Among them, GAMEVIL Com2uS will be prepared by the European branch for the exhibition. Regarding the participating games, both companies said that “the details can be confirmed on the opening day of the Cologne Game Show.”

Pearl Abyss may disclose new information about their new game “DokeV” under development at the exhibition. Because, because “Crimson Desert” has just announced a delay, the probability of revealing new news will be relatively small. At the same time, Pearl Abyss said at the Q1 performance conference in May this year that it plans to release new news about “DokeV” within this year.

DokeV reveal trailer from 2019

“DokeV” is the first meta-universe game under PearlAbyss. At the earnings conference, PearlAbyss’ CFO stated that games have become an important part of our lives. In the future, the game-centric lifestyle will gradually expand.

Source: 17173 news site

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