The language of DokeV has been decyphered!

Thanks to one of the community discord’s users, named 로인즈, we now have almost full access to the linguistics used in DokeV in alphabet form. The only letter unknown right now is ‘Z’, but the rest of the alphabet can already be used to read the various texts written in DokeV’s world, and they all

Pearl Abyss is a South Korean video game developer and publisher, known for creating the cross-platform MMORPG Black Desert Online and the upcoming open world action adventure Crimson Desert, and DokeV, aswell as Plan 8 an action filled shooter game. After DokeV’s new announcement and trailer premiere on Gamescom 2021 the company saw a 25.57%

Lead producer Kim Sang-young, designer Nam Chang-gi “Thank you for your great interest” [iNews 24 Reporter Moon Young-soo] Pearl Abyss’ new game ‘DokeV’, famous for ‘Black Desert’, is a game that has emerged as the most talked-about game in 2021. The trailer video released at Gamescom 2021, Europe’s largest game exhibition, recently closed, is about

IGN has published a Developer commentary / walkthrough video for DokeV. You can get some insights about the development, as well as explanation on contents and plans. It is worth a watch! I will do a cc writeup of things being said in the video, later today.

This is an interview translated from the French video game news site JeuxOnline, please take this with a pinch of salt, not a native translation. Along with the exploitation of Black Desert, the Pearl Abyss studio teams are dedicated to the development of DokeV, an online action and adventure game in open world, based on