Today Pearl Abyss gave us a couple of new things to check out for their upcoming game DokeV, with some new images and a singalong video. First off, the company gave us a few new images of the world as well as some promotional material that make it look like the game may involve mobile phones.

Today on November 13th, Pearl Abyss held its 2019 G-Star Connect conference and showcased DokeV along with other new projects.

Today, the developer of Black Desert Online Pearl Abyss has announced the names of their upcoming games of which the trailers will debut in G-Star 2019. Pearl Abyss has released the teaser page and introduction of all the games and has said that more details about the games will be released in the G-Star 2019 on the

Pearl Abyss, the acclaimed developer of Black Desert Online, today announced its financial earnings for the most recent quarter. Since the document is all in Korean, I will talk about the important numbers such as Q2 2019 having the company’s best performing quarter in terms of sales, and a mega 266% rise in net profits compared to