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Pearl Abyss Livestream about DokeV

Update from Pearl Abyss 2022/11/13:

※ 라이브 방송을 통해 전달 드린 회사 소개 내용 중, 신작 게임의 장르와 관련된 내용 등이 과거 자료를 사용한 것으로 확인되어, 해당 부분을 수정했습니다. 혼란을 드려 죄송합니다. Certain information in this presentation, including the genre of Pearl Abyss' new projects, were from past source materials and so have been removed. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

On November 11, 2022 Pearl Abyss had an Internship ‘PA Art Center’ Recruitment livestream on Youtube and they showed DokeV and Crimson Desert in their presentation as part of the company’s profile explanation.

The link will be included in the sources below. (Edit [2022/11/13]: PA has privated the video on Nov. 13th, for unknown reasons) Edit: Video is back up again and can be found below.

PA Presentation with subtitles (CC)

From that video, we got some new information about DokeV, a confirmation that it is currently developed as a Collectible Open World MMORPG game and that it is coming to Consoles, PC and mobile in the future. You can see the screenshot and its translation below.

Screenshot from [LIVE] Pearl Abyss ‘PA Art Center’ Recruitment Linked Field Internship Recruitment Briefing | 11/11 (Fri) Live, DokeV translated by me
Crimson Desert Screenshot from [LIVE] Pearl Abyss ‘PA Art Center’ Recruitment Stream, Basically the same: ‘Epic Fantasy MMORPG’, ‘Console, PC (later mobile) – Cross Platform’, ‘Open World MMORPG The story of a mercenary fighting for survival’

The deadline for submitting On-Site Practice Intern applications is Sunday, November 27, 2022.

Twitter user @Craig_chan_ ‘s post about the livestream with screencaps

Sadly, as of now these are the two screenshots that remained from that video, as I wanted to cover the news later that day, but it was privated before I could get to do it. I will update the post if it gets uploaded somewhere.

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Source(s): Youtube(펄크루트), Reddit, Twitter

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