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[Ranking Analysis] Korean-style game ‘DokeV’ rivals with Netflix show ‘Squid game’

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* Diablo 2 rankings are compiled by combining Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Resurrection.

Currently, the hottest drama in the world is the squid game. Netflix announced on the 13th that 111 million households worldwide watched Squid Game, and it ranked first in 94 countries. The part that draws attention to Squid Game is that it created a sensation in the global market even though it was a drama with extremely Korean material and emotion. In the popularity rankings of game mecca, Roblox significantly increased the rankings for two weeks in a row by earning a positive profit from a user-made game based on the squid game. However, among domestic games, there is a new Korean game that is expected to surprise the world even before its release. This week, it is ‘DokeV’, which climbed three places to 42nd place. The time when DokeV rose to the rankings was at the end of August when gamescom released a play video. In the past, there were often cases where the news entered the rankings only with new news, even if there was no big schedule such as release or testing among the anticipated works. However, entry due to a one-shot issue was usually pushed out of the top 50 in a week or two because there was no firepower to support it. However, DokeV maintained the rankings for 7 weeks, and this week showed an upward trend despite the absence of in-game issues. It’s not in the game, but last week there was a high-profile issue with DokeV. At the national audit conducted by the Cultural Heritage Administration on the 5th, a question was asked to actively support domestic game companies that make games based on Korean culture. This week, DokeV portal search volume jumped sharply, and interest in the game has risen again as it was highlighted as a ‘game that made good use of Korean culture’ in a national audit, which seems to have had an impact on the popularity of game mecca.In the long term, the squid game and the goblin craze throw a new message to the domestic game industry. In 2021, overseas expansion for domestic game companies is not an option, it is a necessary task. In this situation, DokeV and Squid Game, which caused a sensation as a Korean material, is considered one of the examples that proved that Korean material, which was difficult to measure competitiveness in overseas markets, can be used globally. However, success will follow only if the game itself, which is the basis of the game itself, must be well developed, rather than just forcing the Korean culture to be infused with it.

▲ A screenshot of DokeV that looks down on the town while flying on an umbrella (Photo: Pearl Abyss)

From Inner Red to Diablo 2 craze, Path of Exile pushed out of the rankings

Even at the end of August, Path of Exile, which had been competing with Diablo 3, rapidly lost its energy. Unlike Diablo 3, which remained in the top 30 without a significant drop after Diablo 2: Resurrection was released, Path of Exile had a downtrend throughout September, followed by a steep decline in October and pushed out of the top 50 this week. . It cannot be said that the release of Diablo 2: Resurrection, a strong competitor in its genre, has not had an impact on Path of Exile. However, Path of Exile has more serious internal issues.The biggest part is that in the new league (season) exploration that started in July, the downward oriented balance patch and the decision of the producers to stick to the patch direction despite the concerns of many users, greatly lost public sentiment, and eventually many users left. In fact, there are many opinions that this league was stopped early or did not start because of the disappointment with the patch contents and the attitude of the producers. Path of Exile will release patch 3.16 at the end of October, focusing on balance adjustments. It is expected that a return to the rankings can be considered only when this patch is developed in a direction that will greatly alleviate complaints.The top and middle ranks this week are quiet with no major changes. Diablo 2, which shook the rankings at the end of September, landed in second place, and after a large typhoon has passed, there is an atmosphere of quiet breathing. However, in the lower ranks, ranking changes occurred relatively actively. First of all, Crazy Arcade B&B, which drew attention with the 20th anniversary update and event, recorded an upward trend for two weeks in a row, jumping from 42nd to 34th. Next, ‘Far Cry 6’ and ‘Battlefield 2042’ entered 43rd and 44th places, foreshadowing the long-awaited procession of overseas films that will continue until the end of the year.

Gamemecca’s online game popularity ranking is compiled based on overall ‘game awareness’ and ‘game access traffic’ by combining the votes of portal search volume, PC room game access, game broadcast viewers, and game mecca users.

Source: Gamemecca

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