News - PA - November 30, 2023

Sony makes a ‘love call’ to K-games…Expanding Korea-Japan content collaboration

According an MTN Korea article from June 2023, Sony is looking into partnerships with three more Korean companies after Shift Up and NCSoft

Sony has recently paid attention to Korea’s content industry and is working hard to secure allies. This is because the proportion of video game production is gradually expanding in Korea, where PC online and mobile games were the main focus, and attention is increasing.

In addition to the success of the video game versions of Battleground and Black Desert, Neowiz’s P’s Lie, Shift Up’s Stella Blade, and NCSoft’s TL are attracting attention as they are being developed as video games one after another.

Sony is pursuing business partnerships and collaboration with them. In particular, Pearl Abyss, which is about to release ‘Crimson Desert’, is discussing partnership plans, including equity investment, with Sony to secure exclusive content.

Neowiz, Com2uS, and NCSoft are also considered partners that are expected to expand collaboration with Sony.

[Investment industry official: Unlike before, an environment has been created in which companies from both Korea and Japan do not have to worry about pursuing close collaboration, including equity investments, and discussions on close collaboration are actually taking place].

It is expected that this will be an opportunity for our company to break away from the stagnation of the existing PC online game and mobile game-oriented market, and attention is being paid to whether it will be able to successfully expand its reach. This is Seo Jeong-geun from Money Today Broadcasting.

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